M6A Pickford 200 ton Transporter + M6B Racing Transporter

M6A Scammel 6 x 6 Tractor & Crane 200ton Transporter "Pickfords", the longest model produced by Lesney at that time and still impressive today.

Major Pack M6A, the impressive Scammell 200 ton Transporter was a "must have" for every jung road haulier. This model was able to carry nearly every model made by Lesney back then but was a perfect fit for carrying the M4 Ruston Bucyrus Excavator. Painted in maroon and dark blue in the beginning these coulors got brigther over the years with the later (and harder to find) issues are painted in bright red and blue. Always decorated with "Pickford's" decals the model was in production from 1960 to 1966.

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Product no.: MPM6A03

Early colours dark blue and maroon, knobby black wheels, dark blue draw bar, "Pickfords" decals are 100%. Excellent model in excellent complete "B" box, still crisp but one lose outer flap.

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Product no.: MPM6A20

Later colours blue and bright red, fine tread black wheels, black draw bar, "Pickfords" decals are 100%. Excellent+ model with only the usual very small small chips to the trailer loadbed in excellent+, crisp "D" box with all flaps firmly attached.

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In stock

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