Early Lesney Toys 1948-1955

"The Early Lesney" toys are those mostly larger scale toys produced before the invention of the "Matchbox" models from 1948 to 1955. Production of these large models ended with the Massey Harris tractor in 1955. All of them are rare today in very good condition.

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Product no.: Lesney68

This large Site Dumper is the larger version of the Matchbox No.2A Dumper and was developed by Lesney to be part of the "Large Lesney Toys" series. It was made by the model & tool maker Ron Dix who left Lesney in 1952 to create his own company ( Condon ) and ha was given this production ready tool to start his company. Ron Dix was replaced by no one less then Jack Odell, the rest is history. So this model was fully developed by Lesney and never put into production, it was made for a short time by Condon before this company went under. Heavily played with, driver is missing.

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