M1A Caterpillar Earth Scraper + M1B "BP" Petrol Tanker

The first "Major Pack" model, the M1A Caterpillar Earth Mover, produced between 1958 and 1961.

The first "Major Pack" model was the Caterpillar Earth Mover, introduced in late 1958. Always painted in the correct Caterpillar yellow and unusually for the time fitted with steel hubs and seperate black plastic tyres. Early models were still having crimped axles, later models had rounded axles.

M1B "BP" Autotanker, based on a Leyland built prototype from 1959.

The Major Pack M1B "BP" tanker car was the first model which replaced an older model, in this case the M1A Earth Scraper. This futuristic looking model is based on an Leyland prototype which was only 1 x built and never went into production. Always painted in the "BP" colors of yellow & green with "BP" decals to the sides there are not many variations on this model. Production period was from May 1962 until the end of Major Pack Series in 1966.