M8A Mobilgas Tanker + M8B Guy Warrior Car Transporter

The M8A Thornycraft 2400 gallon Petrol Tanker in "Mobilgas" livery, a truly classic 50's Petrol Tanker in a well known livery.

The M8A Thornycraft Petrol Tanker is a classic british tanker from the 50's in the very popular "Mobilgas" livery. Always painted in red and decorated with "Mobilgas" decals nearly all models were fitted with grey plastic wheels, making the version with black wheels quite rare. A rather short production era from 1961 to 1963 only.

The M8B Guy Warrior Car Transporter was replacing the outdated A2 Car Transporter in 1964 and was extremly succesful.

After the old A2 Car Transporter from the 50s was getting to small for most new models in the 1-75 series finally in April 1964 a larger, more powerful successor, the M8 Guy Warrior Car Transporter became available. Turquoise green tractor, orange trailer with "Farnborough Measham / Car Auction & Collection" inscription on the sides. This model was a huge seller. After the end of the Major Pack serie in 1966 this model was taken over into the King Size range in the same colour scheme, the baseplate inscription was simply changed to "K-8".

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Product no.: MPM8A10

Red cab, base and trailer, silver front trim, black plastic wheels with fine knobby 24 treads. Cream "Mobilgas" decals to sides of trailer 100%. Extremly rare late issue with black wheels, a great Major Pack rarity. Excellent to near mint condition in near mint, very crisp "B5" box.

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Product no.: MPM8B55

Dark turquoise cab, orange trailer, orange wheels, grey tyres, white rear suspension. Decals are 100%. Excellent condition, unboxed.

Model condition: 9

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