Pre-production & colour trial models

Here is something for all those for whom the "normal stuff" is not enough. Pre-production models are the salt in every collection. These models are often only for hand samples with significant differences to the later production models or never appeared at all in those colors painted.

Resin Prototypes

Here you find the available Pre-production models and prototypes made from resin.

What are resine prototypes? Before a new model was choosen for production and the diecast mould's were made ( a new mould just for the body casting usually costs a 5 figure amount before it's production ready ) prototypes were made by hand from resine. These were made as close as possible to the later production model to give the company an idea how the production model would look like. These were also used as an inexpensive way to create "decoration trial" models by beeing painted in the planned colour schemes and decorated by hand in possible liveries. These resine models were then shown to all related departments of the company as well as the company who gave the permission to produce "their" model. Every car maker requested a final approval from their side before a model based on their own cars went into production. Im most cases there were lots of changes requested during this process leading to several different prototypes beeing made getting closer and closer to the final casting. When all parties involved gave it a "go" to a finalized prototype the production of the actual moulds started based on that agreed final prototype. Here i can offer a few of such hand made resine prototypes.

Macau Pre-pro's

Here you find the pre-production models from the Macau era.

China / Thailand Pre-pro's

Here you find the pre-production models from China and Thailand.