Promotional's & Special Editions

Here you find a selection of promotionals and special editions.

All models offered here are special promotional issues which were not available via normal retail channels and usually produced an small numbers only.

Ford F-800 & MB17 London Bus

Ford F-800: this interesting truck was issued in the US only. Because it was made out of metal completely this is one of the heaviest 1-75 series models ever produced.

MB17 London Bus: the famous London Bus continued to be used as promotional models after the Lesney years.

MB38 Ford Model "A" Van

The most liked promotional Matchbox model of all times, the MB38 Ford Model "A" Van. Hundred's of different promotional issues haven been produced based on this model.

MB44 Ford Model "T" Van

Another heavily used promotional model was the MB44 Ford Model "T" van, probably due to the large side panels.

Japanise, australian and chinese promotionals

Here you find exotic special editions which were actually only to be found in Japan, Australia or China.

Toy Fair & Toy Show models

Toy show models are special, very limited issues given out at certain special trade shows, usually not open to the public. Most of these models ending up in the hands of journalists and professional toy traders.

Other promotional & special issues

Here you find a selection of promotional issues and special editions from around the world.