Welcome to Harveys Matchbox!

Hello and welcome to my onlineshop. I'm proud being able to offer an unparalleled selection of vintage collectible Matchbox models from most ranges produced by Lesney since 1953 up to the late 80's. My main focus is clearly the Matchbox 1-75 series from both the Regular Wheel ( 1953 to 1970 ) and Superfast ( 1969 to 1983 ) period. Besides these you will find an wide selection of Matchbox related products like displays, catalogs & books, advertising material and of course models from the "side" lines like Sea Kings, Battle Kings or even Dolls markedted by Matchbox. Do not hesitate to contact me in english if you are having any questions about my models or service offered.


I do ship to most corners of the world using the most cost effective method available. All items listed here are in stock and will be shipped within 24 hours.

Payment options: Credit cards, Bank transfer, Paypal.