1-75 Superfast Serie from 1983 Macau/China/Thailand

Here you find the 1-75 series models produced from 1983 onwards in Macau, China and Thailand.

1-75 models with box/package

Here you find all available 1-75 series models which are still in their original box or package.

1-75 models unboxed / loose

Hier you find all loose/unboxed models made after 1983.

Empty boxes

Here you find the available empty boxes for the 1-75 series models.

Two-Packs & Multi-Packs

Here you find the available Two-Packs + the other multipack's from that time frame.

Special collectors series

Over the years many special series were produced for collectors only. Many of them were offered over a couple of years, others were produced only once in small quantities.

Pre-production & colour trial models

Here is something for all those for whom the "normal stuff" is not enough. Pre-production models are the salt in every collection. These models are often only for hand samples with significant differences to the later production models or never appeared at all in those colors painted.


Here you find all available Giftsets for the 1-75 series issued since 1983.

Promotional's & Special Editions

Here you find a selection of promotionals and special editions.

All models offered here are special promotional issues which were not available via normal retail channels and usually produced an small numbers only.

Japan series 2022/23

After a long time Mattel issued models for the domestic japanise market again in 2022.

USA Nascar Racing & Sports related models

USA Nascar Racing & Sports related models

Here you find the various Matchbox models issued in the USA only related to US motorsport racing and other sports.