K-4A Tractor, K-4B GMC Hopper Train, K-4C Leyland Tipper

Here you find all available models with the numbers K-4A Tractor, K-4B GMC Hopper Train and K-4C Leyland Tipper.

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Product no.: K-04A08

Red, green metal wheels, black tyres, "McCormick International" decals 100%. VEry near mint model in excellent early "Crown" box with an taped corner.

180.00 *

In stock

Product no.: K-04A15

Dark red, orange plastic wheels ( from the K-11A tractor ), black tyres, "McCormick International" decals 100%. Very near mint model excellent complete "E" box. Very hard to find last issue with these orange plastic wheels.

350.00 *

In stock

Product no.: K-04B92

Empty later "F" Blisterbox only, very good condition, all flaps attached, blister is fully intact, some stains to rear side.

55.00 *

In stock

Product no.: K-04C02

Dark red / maroon body, met. silver tipper, amber windows, chrome base, "LE Transport" labels. Very near mint model in excellent+ box.

140.00 *

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Product no.: K-04C58

Dark orange body, chrome base, lime green tipper, "Wates" labels, missing rear door. Played with.

12.00 *

In stock

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