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Hier you find catalogs and reference books related to "Matchbox" ranges. Most are in english. Included are also hard to find, long out of print issues.

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Product no.: Buch00

The "bible" for Matchbox regular Wheel collectors, the 1-75 series Variation guide by Mike Stannard. Very detailed variation listing uncluding some very minor mould variations. A must if you're into variations. This is the original hard cover book from 1985, very hard to find these days. A collectors item in itself. Like new condition, no markings inside except first page which has re-enforced ring holes.

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Product no.: Buch20-1

German catalog listing the base 1-75 Regular Wheel series 1953 to 1969. Listing of the major known variations, only onew small b/w picture per model. 4th issue 1994, with pricelist from 1997. Unused, no markings.

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Product no.: Buch21

German base catalog for the Lesney Superfast series 1969 - 1983. Listing of the main variations, one small b/w picture per model. 2nd printing 1996, with price list from sommer 1997. Unused, like new.

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Product no.: Buch31

Later issue of the "Matchbox Models of Yesteryear catalogue" by H.M. Gunner, printed 1977. Listing all known major variations of the YY series.

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