Price list's and promotional material

This category offers (mostly antiquarian) Matchbox & Lesney promotional material from several decades including very rare dealer "new models" announcements sheets. All items offered are guaranteed genuine, no copies or reprints here.

Matchbox & Lesney promotional material

Here you will find old, original advertising and promotional material. Especially the "trade only" news sheets are very interesting because they often show pre-production models or not at all produced things.

Old Matchbox adverts

Here you find old original adverts from various publications for Lesney & Matchbox related products. These are of course old original publications, no colour copies.

"Lesney News" Newsletters and press releases

Here you find a selection of old "Lesney News" newspapers, "Matchbox News" press release sheets and annual financial statements from the Company.

Selector Charts

Here you find all available old Selector Charts.

Press photographs

A selection of old, original Lesney Products Press Photos from England and the USA. All in black / white. At that time they were actually useing b/w photos for cost reasons.

Price lists

Here you find old original dealer price lists.

Pins / Buttons / Others

Here you find among other Matchbox related promotional material the old pins/buttons.

Factory Drawings

Hier you get something for decoration: old, genuine technical drawings from the Lesney "R & D" ( Research and Development ) department. Complete models, single parts, diecast moulds...