Other Matchbox products & ranges

Other Matchbox products & ranges

The category for the "rest", all the obscure side lines and sometimes interesting items and toys that were sold under the name "Matchbox" but not belong in any of the known series. For example, the Mobile Action Command "MAC" series, Plug Buggies, Screamon Demons or the "Cascade" game.

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Product no.: Sonstige4510

In 1958 the Company "Lincoln Industries" based in Penrose, Auckland aquired dies for model toy cars from an australian company and started producing their own "Matchbox Series" in New Zealand. These models ( and the boxes! ) were really similiar to the very early Lesney produced models. The range grow to 11 models before Lesney took legal action and the series was renamed & repacked. Those NZ Made Matchbox models were only produced between 1958 / 59 and the production run is estimated at around 12000 models each, sold in NZ only. Hard to find models today, the boxes are extremly rare. From this range is the following model:

4510 Jaguar XK120, white body, version without driver ( no hole in the seat ). Excellent condition.


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