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The category for the "rest", all the obscure side lines and sometimes interesting items and toys that were sold under the name "Matchbox" but not belong in any of the known series. For example, the Mobile Action Command "MAC" series, Plug Buggies, Screamon Demons or the "Cascade" game.

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Product no.: MACMC2

MAC 2 Fire Fighting Unit, unused, complete with all parts stll in original bag. Mint, near mint box.

75.00 *

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Product no.: Sonstige040

The "Cascade" game, rarer USA version ( different colours, different & larger box ). Complete, most likely never used, still with the original cardboard inner sections. Complete with all parts and instruction leaflet. Very hard version in fantastic condition.

275.00 *

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Product no.: Sonstige076

The "Bioroid Invid Fighter" from the Matchbox Robotech series, 1985. NOS, never used or unwrapped, original label sheet and instructions are there. And on top: the really rare italian box!

390.00 *

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Product no.: Sonstige077

The "Lisa Hayes" figur from the Matchbox Robotech series, 1985. Unused, complete with accessories. In rare italian box which is slightly worn.

90.00 *

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