Two Packs

Two Packs

Two-Pack's were introduced in 1975 and still produced in the 90's. The idea was simple: just put two related models in one package created a mini-giftset. Often these packs had well-fitting names like "The Weekender" ( a car towing an caravan ) or "Breakdown Set" ( a tow truck towing an car ). Lot's of Two-Pack's have been released with military themed models, often using models longs withdrawn for the standard 1-75 series. Several rare colour's ( like the very rare white No.18 Field Car ) and unsual variations ( the 43B Maserati in gold with tow hook ) have been created just for the Two-Pack range.

TP 1 - 10

Here you find the early low numbered civil themed Two-Pack's.

TP 11-16 Militär Two-Packs

Here you find the available military themed Two-Pack's with the numbers 11 to 16.

Two-Pack's Nummer 17 bis 32

Here you find the later Two-Pack issues including the popular Peterbilt Long Haul Trucks.

Two-Pack's from Number 100

When in 1982 the new generic design in light blue with yellow & red stripes was issued this was also used on the Two-Pack blistercards. The TP's are now renumbered from number 100 on and often contained rare and unusal late England production models.