Major Pack Series 1958-1967

Major Pack Series 1958-1967

The "Major Pack" series was introduced in late 1958 und lasted untill 1966 when the remaining models were converted into the "King Size" range.

At the end of the 50`s several larger models which could not be integrated into the standard 1-75 range anymore were developed, for these the new "Major Pack" series was introduced in late 1958. In the beginning the scale was similar to those used for the 1-75 series but later these "Major" models got bigger and bigger and eventually all remaining models ( except the M- 9 ) were transferred into the "King Size" range in 1966. To avoid confusion all models in this range had the prefix "M" preceding the model number.

M1A Caterpillar Earth Scraper + M1B "BP" Petrol Tanker

The first "Major Pack" model, the M1A Caterpillar Earth Mover, produced between 1958 and 1961.

The first "Major Pack" model was the Caterpillar Earth Mover, introduced in late 1958. Always painted in the correct Caterpillar yellow and unusually for the time fitted with steel hubs and seperate black plastic tyres. Early models were still having crimped axles, later models had rounded axles.

M1B "BP" Autotanker, based on a Leyland built prototype from 1959.

The Major Pack M1B "BP" tanker car was the first model which replaced an older model, in this case the M1A Earth Scraper. This futuristic looking model is based on an Leyland prototype which was only 1 x built and never went into production. Always painted in the "BP" colors of yellow & green with "BP" decals to the sides there are not many variations on this model. Production period was from May 1962 until the end of Major Pack Series in 1966.

M2A Bedford Ice Cream Truck + M2B Bedford Truck & Freightmaster Trailer

M2A Bedford Articulated Walls Truck "Walls Ice Cream", produced 1958-1960.

The second "Major Pack" model, the M2A Bedford Articulated Truck in "Walls Ice Cream" livery. Introduced in late 1958 and in production untill 1960. The cab was always painted light blue, the trailer can be found in cream on early models and white on later versions. Early models are fitted with metal wheels, later issues with grey plastic wheels.

M2B Bedford Tractor & York Freightmaster Trailer, an attractive replacement for the outdated M2A Bedford Ice Cream Lorry.

The M2B Bedford Tractor & Trailer Master Freight York replaced the outdated M2A Bedford Articulated Truck in march 1962, now much larger and a modern Bedford cab. There were two different main versions: the first model appeared with orange cab and an metallic silver trailer with "Davies Tyres" livery, in 1964 the color scheme was changed to a metallic silver truck with dark red metallic trailer and "LEP International Transport" livery. This model had lots of wheel variations over the years. The model stayed in production until the end of the Major Pack range in 1966.

M3A Thornycraft Tank Transporter & Centurion Tank

M3A Thornycraft Antar with Sankey 50ton Tank Transporter loaded with an Centurion Mk. III Tank.

A fantastic military model, the impressive M3A Thornycraft Tank Transporter with an Centurion tank as load. This model was a good supplement to the military models produced in the 1-75 series. Always painted in military olive-green, early models found with crimped axles, later issues with rounded. This was one of the longest running Major Pack models beeing produced untill 1965.

M4A Ruston Bucyrus + M4B GMC Truck & Hopper Train

M4A Ruston Bucyrus Excavator, produced between 1959 and 1964.

The M4A Ruston Bucrus Excavator was a model of what is in real life an very large and impressie excavator. Always painted in the correct colours of maroon for the body/engine housing, yellow shovel and cab base and a black baseplate. Decorated with transfers at both sides and the rear.

The M4B Fruehauf Hopper Train, the largest model ever released in the Major Pack series.

The M4B Fruehauf Hopper Train was a great model with very high play value. Issued in march 1965 and replacing the old A4 Excavator it should have been part of the King Size range but was issued as a Major Pack. Featuring a dark maroon cab with two metallic silver-grey Hopper trailers which had small red "Fruehauf" labels placed on the sides. With the demise of the Major packs this model was transferred to the King Size range retaining it's number ( now "K"-4 ) and colour scheme.

M5A Massey Ferguson Harvester

M5A Massey Ferguson 780 Combine Harvester, a very detailled model of a Combine and the first model of Farm machinery.

The Major Pack M5A Massey Ferguson 780 Combine Harvester is a very detailled model and the first large piece of farm machinery issued by Lesney. Always painted in the correct "Massey Ferguson red" and fitted with silver plastic wheels in the beginning, later replaced with orange or the rarer yellow plastic hubs with black tyres. This model was produced between late 1959 and the end of the Major Pack series in 1966.

M6A Pickford 200 ton Transporter + M6B Racing Transporter

M6A Scammel 6 x 6 Tractor & Crane 200ton Transporter "Pickfords", the longest model produced by Lesney at that time and still impressive today.

Major Pack M6A, the impressive Scammell 200 ton Transporter was a "must have" for every jung road haulier. This model was able to carry nearly every model made by Lesney back then but was a perfect fit for carrying the M4 Ruston Bucyrus Excavator. Painted in maroon and dark blue in the beginning these coulors got brigther over the years with the later (and harder to find) issues are painted in bright red and blue. Always decorated with "Pickford's" decals the model was in production from 1960 to 1966.

M7A Cattle Truck

M7A Thames Trader Cattle Truck, the 2nd. farm related vehicle in the range.

The Major Pack M7A Thames Trader Cattle Truck was the second farm related vehicle in the range, introduced in 1960 and in production untill 1965. Always in the same colour scheme with a red painted cab and a pale tan trailer on earlier issues and an darker tan trailer on later versions. The pale tan trailer has the rear door painted in the body colour, the darker tan version has the rear door painted red. The models were fitted with grey and later black plastic wheels.

M8A Mobilgas Tanker + M8B Guy Warrior Car Transporter

The M8A Thornycraft 2400 gallon Petrol Tanker in "Mobilgas" livery, a truly classic 50's Petrol Tanker in a well known livery.

The M8A Thornycraft Petrol Tanker is a classic british tanker from the 50's in the very popular "Mobilgas" livery. Always painted in red and decorated with "Mobilgas" decals nearly all models were fitted with grey plastic wheels, making the version with black wheels quite rare. A rather short production era from 1961 to 1963 only.

The M8B Guy Warrior Car Transporter was replacing the outdated A2 Car Transporter in 1964 and was extremly succesful.

After the old A2 Car Transporter from the 50s was getting to small for most new models in the 1-75 series finally in April 1964 a larger, more powerful successor, the M8 Guy Warrior Car Transporter became available. Turquoise green tractor, orange trailer with "Farnborough Measham / Car Auction & Collection" inscription on the sides. This model was a huge seller. After the end of the Major Pack serie in 1966 this model was taken over into the King Size range in the same colour scheme, the baseplate inscription was simply changed to "K-8".

M9A Interstate Double Freighter

The M9 Hendrickson Tractor & Interstate Double Freigter is still one of the most popular models for Matchbox and Major Pack collectors today.

The M9 Hendrickson Tractor & Interstate Double Freigter was liked by every boy, a fantastic model of an American long-haul truck. Released in May 1962, always with dark blue truck and metallic silver trailers there were two different "Cooper Jarrett Inc." decals on the sides, first in yellow and from 1965 on with an orange background. As the trailers were all identical it was possible through the coupling of additional trailers to make incredibly long road trains. That was the last model offered by Lesney in the Major Pack range, it was the only "M"-series model still available in 1967.

M10A Dinkum Dumper

M10A Whitlock Dinkum Dumper, a large rear tipper for construction sites.

The Whitlock Dinkum Dumper M10A, a rear tipper for construction sites, appeared in September 1962 and was the model with the highest number that has been used in the Major Pack range. Always painted in yellow with a black "Whitlock D-D 70" decal on the sides there are only 2 variations: early models have unpainted metal wheels with black tires, the later issues have red plastic wheels with black tires. The model was in production until the end of the Major Pack series in 1966.