Two-Pack's from Number 100

When in 1982 the new generic design in light blue with yellow & red stripes was issued this was also used on the Two-Pack blistercards. The TP's are now renumbered from number 100 on and often contained rare and unusal late England production models.

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Product no.: SFTP102A01

Very rare late England Two-Pack No. 102, No. 9C Ford Escort in dark green ( non metallic! ) with glossy black base, tan interior and "Seagull" labels together with the Glider Trailer in dark green with "Seagull Gliding Club" labels. The Escort is quite rare in this flat dark green colour, this is one of the rarest Two Packs made in England. Mint models in excellent unpunched package.

Condition of models: 10

Condition of package: 9

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Product no.: SFTP109A07

Very rare late England production Two-Pack from 1983: white No.12 Citroen CX with silver base in "Marine Division No.8" livery together with the blue & white No.9A Boat with "8" label to roof on orange trailer with wide dot-dash wheels. Near mint models in worn package ( broken/damaged blister ).

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