Special collectors series

Over the years many special series were produced for collectors only. Many of them were offered over a couple of years, others were produced only once in small quantities.

"Real Talkers"

Here you find the available models from the "Real Talker" range. The "Real Talker" models are equipped with a built-in voice chip and a battery and thus able to "speak" different sequences by pressing a button. These models come with English or Spanish voice prompts.

"Superfast" Series 1985

Here you findd all available models from the 1985 issued "Superfast" series.

In 1985 the name "SuperFast" was revived and a small special series of 24 models with special wheels, under the title "SuperFast" was issued. These also had a special numbering (SF 1 to SF 24) and special blister cards.

German "BMW Dealership" Series

In 2005 there was a small mini-series with 6 different BMW models specially made for BMW dealerships only. These could really only be bought at BMW dealerships and had a real BMW parts number!

Star Car & Character Car Collection / Movie Characters

Lots of movie related vehicles have been produced in the "Star Car" series.

The "Character Car" series includes famous movie characters all coupled with an "Matchbox" model which that character used in "his" movies. These series were marketed in the USA only.

The Super Chargers

A short-lived series from the '80s with "Monster Trucks", which are actually normal vehicles with oversized tires. Most are actually normal 1-75 series models but they had different finishes and sometimes other additional parts such as motors or roll bar added. And of course the monster tires! However, there were a few completely new models, the "Monster Tractors', in this series. Due to the short production time most are difficult to find today.

Dutch "BP" promotion models

In the Netherlands and Belgium BP issued two small series of promo models in "BP livery on special "BP" blistercards.

"Collectors Choice" Serie 1994

"Collectors Choice" set. A series of 24 different models all in special liverys and decorations. A fore runner for the "Premiere" Series, only available in THE USA in 1994. 10000 Sets have been produced.

Swiss Collection

The "Swiss Collection" was a small special series made for the swiss market only. All models are showing genuine swiss liverys and trademarks and were packed in special "Swiss Collection" packages.