50A Commer Pick-up, 50B Tractor, 50C Kennel Truck

Here you find all available models with the numbers:

50A Commer Pick-up 1958-1964,

50B John Deere-Lanz Tractor 1954-1968,

50C Kennel Truck 1969

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Product no.: RW50A51

Light brown / tan body, metal wheels, black base, silver rear bumper. Excellent condition.

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Product no.: RW50A77

Extremly rare colour combintation red and CREAM, knobby silver plastic wheels. This very rare colour combination was made in red and pur-white as well as in red and cream. Played with condition, chipped, but still collectible.

The Last picture shows the difference between the white & cream versions.

295.00 *

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Product no.: RW50C57

Metallic green body, chrome grill, textured bed. Dogs and canopy are missing. Excellent paint, chip to cab roof.

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