Pre-production & colour trial models

Pre-production & colour trial models

Here are a few very special treats: pre-production models, these are models which were made before the actual start of production for testing purposes. For example testing the fit of the parts and/or base or the different colour combinations of bodywork and interior. These models are extremely rare, there were made in very small quantities only (some are real unique pieces!) and should actualy not have left the factory. Frequently, such "pre-pro's" were exhibited at trade fairs and toyshows to make new models known to the trade and the public and from time to time such a model made it into collectors hands so we can still admire them today. Of course i do guarantee the authenticity of each and any model i offer here!

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15C Refuse Truck

Product no.: RW15C100

2,500.00 *
In stock

15D VW 1500

Product no.: RW15D100

1,500.00 *
In stock

20C Chevrolet Taxi

Product no.: RW20C100

500.00 *
In stock

35C Merryweather Fire Engine

Product no.: RW35C100

7,500.00 *
In stock
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