1-75 Regular Wheel Displays

Here you find a selection of original shopdisplays for the 1-75 series.

Displays, the culmination of many collections. Nothing beats an old, original display to showcase your own collection! Displays or sales aids were offered early on by Lesney, often completely free of charge to dealers. Therein also lies the reason for the rarity of the old displays today, they were not exactly designed for durability and back then got easily replaced if necessary with a new version. Europe (by Lesney) and the USA (Bronner Corporation) had completely different styles, both regions had their own design. In the U.S. the displays were made to unfold in the middle while in Europe a step-like "staircase design" was developed. With few exceptions, the early displays were made ​​of cardboard ( sometimes supported by a wooden frame ), plastic displays were made ​​from about 1966 onwards. Completely unused, "as new" displays are great rarities today, as well as all the displays made before 1959 with less than 75 models listed on them!

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1968/69 USA Dispencer Display

Product no.: DisplayRW-112

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Product no.: DisplayRW-9

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Wire Rack

Product no.: display99

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