Dealer catalogs

A special area for very advanced collectors. As the name implies there were special catalogs for dealer/retailers, much more extensive then the pocket catalogs issued for the normal customer or collector. These dealer catalogs usually never got in collectors hands, they were intended for "internal" trade use only. These catalogs contain the entire product ranges of Lesney, including all accessories and sales aids which could not be seen in the normal annual collectors catalogs. The dealer catalogs are invaluable reference works for display - and packaging type collectors as they are the only available reference of what was available when or which package was introduced exactly when. This field has evolved in recent years and became one of the most interesting of all paper related collectible area's. Since these catalogs were printed only in very small numbers and were usually thrown away as soon as a new one was issued it is an exclusive and expensive hobby as the available number of these interesting catalogs is not that big. Until 1969 these types of catalogs were only issued for the US from the Fred Bronner Corp. but since 1970 such dealer catalogs were issued worldwide.


Here you find all available dealer catalogs from the early years 1955-1969.


Here you find all available dealer catalogs fromm the early Superfast years 1970-1975.


Here you find all available dealer catalogs from the later Lesney years 1976-1982.


Here you find all available post-Lesney dealer catalogs from 1983-2010.