MG1C Service Station 1968 one storey

MG1C Service Station 1968 one storey

New, modern Service Station MG1C issued in 1968, one storey.

1968 Lesney issued this new, ultra modern Service Station, now back to a one storey building. And it was now officially called a "Service Station". It was first released in 1968 as a stand alone building without an cardboard rodway, in early 1969 it was upgraded with an cardboard roadway ( which was noted on the box too ) and in 1970 that roadway was updated with now showing a spot for the newly introduced A1C service ramp. Very early buildings have been moulded in cream plastic but it's usually found in white. This station was produced until 1974.

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Product no.: MG1C-03

Early version, building in white and molded as one piece ( later versions are two-piece castings ). Complete with all parts inclding the three flags ( still on sprue ). Unused, old store stock, even the original paper inserts are still there. The Roadway is the early version without markings for the A-1 Service Ramp ( was issued in 1970 ). Early box without the "Roadway layout" printed on the cover, crisp mint.

Condition station: 10

Condition box: 9.8

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