K-10A Aveling Barford Tractor Shovel, K-10B Pip...

K-10A Aveling Barford Tractor Shovel, K-10B Pipe Truck

Here you find all available models with the numbers K-10A Aveling Barford Tractor Shovel and K-10B Pipe Truck.

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Product no.: K-10A05

Very bright sea-green/turqouise body, red seats, red plastic hubs. "Aveling Bardford" decals 95%. Excellent model with a few small chips to the rear and the front shovel. Excellent "D" box. Very hard to find colour variation.

Model Condition: 8.5

Box condition: 8.5

295.00 *

In stock

Product no.: K-10A94

Later "E" box ruine, complete but heavily worn, creased and taped. One loose outer flap.

Box typ: E1

Box condition: 5

15.00 *

In stock

Product no.: K-10A98

Later "E2" box with model illustration to side flaps, complete with all flaps firmly attached. Very good condition. One of the harder to find "K" boxes.

Box typ: E2

Box condition: 8.5

90.00 *

In stock

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