K-8A Prime Mover & Cat. Tractor, K-8B Car Trans...

K-8A Prime Mover & Cat. Tractor, K-8B Car Transporter, K-8C Caterpillar Traxvacator

Here you find all available models with the numbers K-8A Prime Mover & Caterpillar Tractor, K-8B Car Transporter and K-8C Caterpillar Traxvacator.

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Product no.: K-08B95

Hard to find "E" cardboard box for the K-8B, structural excellent but missing a part of one picture side. Inner tray is perfect.

Boxtyp: E

Box condition: 8

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Product no.: K-08C02

Very rare 1st issue completely in yellow - body, arms, shovel und plastic rollers are yellow. Dark blue driver is present but lost his head, rear label is 100%. This is the version used for the catalog and box artwork. Excellent to near mint model in excellent box.

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Product no.: P-papier131

Matchbox News" press sheet issued by the Lesney press office in the UK in fall 1970 introducing the new model K-8C Hydraulic Traxcavator. Includes an black & white picture.

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