MG1B two-storey Garage "BP" 1963

MG1B two-storey Garage "BP" 1963

MG1B two storey Garage/Service Station issued in 1963, green & white with "BP" livery.

In 1961 this fantastic, now two storey Garage was issued by Lesney featuring a rear ramp to drive your vehicle up to the upper level. Second issue from 1963 now in green & white with "BP" livery, again the base was showing markings for the A1 "BP" pumps and sign pack. In 1963 Lesney switched anything related with gasoline to the british "BP" livery including models and service stations. The very first issues of the "BP" version were produced with cream rather then the usual white plastic parts, these are quite rare today.

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Product no.: MG1B-20

Two storey "B" station introduced in 1963, completely in white, side label is 100%, roof sign decal is 100 %, ramp is intact but is missing a small piece of the rear section. Apart from that a near mint station with an near mint, complete early "D" box, all flaps are firmly attached, crisp. Apart from he rear ramp a near mint item & box.

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