"UK Matchbox" England 1977-1984

The English collectors club "UK Matchbox" was founded in 1977 by avid collector Ray Bush who operated the club until 1984 on his own. These club magazines are among the best literature ever published for Matchbox collectors. There are a lots of informations on all series, even if the focus was on something on the Yesteryears. In the first three years the mag's have been published every month, then bi-monthly - but now in color.

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Product no.: UKM03-2

Only the four numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12. 4 magazines in total, excellent condition.

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Product no.: UKM04-5

From the 4th year on only 6 magazines were published per year but these had now more pages. Uncomplete Volume four with only 5 magazines - missing number 1. Excellent condition.

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Product no.: UKM05

Volume 5 1981 - 1982, 6 magazines.

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Product no.: UKM06

Complete Volume 6 March 1982 to February 1983, 6 magazines.

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Product no.: UKM07

Volume 7 again with six issues running from April 1983 to february 1984.

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